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When listening to the music of Cassia Hall, I was reminded of musicals at their best. Something that you would expect from an animated movie like Anastasia. It’s natural, heart-warming and nurturing. Makes something rise inside one’s soul and brings to mind ancient times of royal balls and knights’ jousts. Sometimes sad and nostalgic, reminiscent of lost childhood, but always full of inner strength. Her music is really deep and able to send chills down your spine when it's a villain's song or evoke softness and gentleness when listening to one of the lullabies. Always a profound experience!” - Daiva Paskauskaite, writer and otaku
Magical, Mythical and Mysterious - these are just a few words to describe Cassia Hall’s musical compositions. With the help of an ensemble of talented musicians and vocalists, her songs are brought to life, and you are transported to other places, other times and other worlds. Listen carefully to the lyrics as they create musical scenes to spark anyone’s imagination. Combine these song experiences with her outstanding poetry and romantic fantasy novels and you have sights and sounds for the senses.” - Jim Hebert, musician
Your music brings to me memories I would have if I'd lived somewhere far, far away in the world of mysteries and tales. It takes me back to where I haven't been but would have, had I lived amongst bright castles and huge forests in a long-ago, forgotten land. Back to a time that is neither in the past nor the future. It just is...here, in our imagination. ” - Gustė Galuškinaitė, pianist and composer

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Here are some songs from my Lake Traveler Saga of novels and novellas:





Both 'A Land Far Away', a song from Summer Lights (sequel to Spring Song) and 'Where I Belong' (from my Lake Traveler series) are back and sounding epic! Stay tuned for the vids!

Vote for your favourite song! Submit the song title in the form on the Contact page. The song that gets the most votes will be available as a free download!

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