Lake Traveler

Cassia Hall

Hi, I'm Cass, author and composer of the Lake Traveler saga of novels, novellas, and music, as well as the poetry collections - Fantasy Romance - Of Myth & Magick, and The Forsaken Mermaid - Songs of Love & Longing. I live in Toronto, Canada.

All the music I compose is for characters and key-scenes in my stories. Some of the songs have been described as epic and most are romantic.

I write Lyrical Romantic Fantasy with a fairy-tale vibe. I may be one of only a few authors who have composed songs and background music for their own fiction.

Two of my side-characters wanted their backstory told, so I started to write a spin-off that could also be a standalone. Spring Song, meant to be an intro to my Lake Traveler series, became the first novella in the Seasons Cycle.

Right now, I'm busy with several projects:

1. My novella, Spring Song, the first book in my spin-off series, has been released, and so has Songs of Love & Longing, a new poetry collection with most of the poems and songs relating to the books in my series.

2. Summer Lights, sequel to Spring Song, will be released on June 24, 2022, while Fall Lanterns, Book 3 in the Seasons Cycle, will follow in October, 2022. Winter Wain, the fourth and final book in the Seasons Cycle, will be released later in the year.

3. Still getting the songs in the Seasons Cycle ready for the upcoming LP - A Land Far Away!

You are so in touch with the artistry in your heart! ” - Terry Palino