1. Spellbound


(from Winter Wain)

Snowflakes drift without a sound
Slowly down to the ground
What was lost now is found
To your heart mine is bound

Winter’s here, look around
Landscape white us all surround
There’s no more to expound
What is felt? All else confound!

Let the wise propound
Let the brave astound
Let my love redound
Come to me, turn around

Where snowdrops abound
Where your voice resounds
At first light, I’m caught, spellbound

Like a ship outward-bound
I cannot turn around
Would you my ache compound
Leave me anchorless, unsound?

Like a ship run aground
In your gaze, I am drowned
At your touch, I’m razed to the ground

Like firewood dead and downed
I can spark without a sound!
Can’t you tell, I’m spellbound?

As a kinglet hides his crown
While he flits and flies around
Say the word, I’ll remain earth-bound

Now that we’re snowbound
Are you as I – spellbound?
Come to me, my heart –-
Turn around!