Epic Fantasy | Medieval | Celtic | New Age Music

When it comes to music, my tastes are rather simple. As long as it's beautiful, I'm all over it. My playlists include titles such as: Sad & Beautiful, Epic Fantasy, Medieval, Celtic, . These include instrumentals (usually epic violin) and songs in different languages, mostly English followed by French and Spanish.

When it came to figuring out the genre and subgenre of my own music, I was kinda stumped for a while. My musicians suggested Medieval/Middle Ages, Celtic, and one listener suggested Renaissance, Ethereal, so I put those tags on my youtube vids, until I realised youtube was tagging my music as New Age. Who knew?

I wanted to label it Epic Romantic Fantasy, as that's the genre I write in (more precisely High/Medieval Fantasy), but apparently, that's not even a musical genre, at least not so that people actually recognize it as such. So I decided to say Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones and Witcher, but with a musical theatre vibe. That seemed to do the trick.

Anyhow, I did some research and came across the following musicians whose music I like to think my music sounds somewhat similar to: Karliene, Eurielle, LEAH, Erutan (Kate Covington) and Enaid.

Since I'm a writer first and a composer a distant second, I rely completely on other musicians to bring my music to life. The inspiration comes from characters in my stories, but the music is brought to life by some incredible and wonderful musicians who have taught me a lot about the art and science of transforming the tunes in my head to something truly beautiful. Go meet my musicians on the Bio page!

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