1. Where I Belong


Where I Belong

Be still my heart
Be calm and still
Yield not to fire
Bend to my will

I’ve not come so far
Against all odds
To be a pawn
For men and gods

Yet here I am
And here you are
The Gilded Lily
Known wide and far

For line or lineage
I know nor care
Nor yet your virtue
Beyond compare

A fifer’s tune
Must seize the heart
First sight of you
Has done its part

By light of dawn
I stood undone
All that I am
Long lost and won

Sky and sea beckon me
Yet here you stay
While I must roam all alone
Worlds far away

Pray grant one sign
So I may dare
To ease my heart
To loose the snare

I’d not be bound
Nor another bind
Pay out our string
Let it unwind

This heart you seized
My only gift
Tethers me firm
Despite wyvern’s lift

Ere the bobbin peeks
Through loosened thread
Ere a single word
Of love is said

Know you this
My anchor true
Though I journey far
I await your pull

Wind me in
To where I belong
When your need is great
For love and song

Wind me in, oh wind me in
To where I belong!