1. Fall



As autumn mists envelop the morning
A new day of the season is slowly dawning
Flame-coloured leaves the trees adorning
True love comes without any warning

Against lonely winters, we need to ward
As squirrels and jays their acorns hoard
To while away the hours, none can afford
Will you to me this much accord?

Ply me with kisses, woo me with songs
Right here beside me is where you belong
Like a fated pair of life-mated swans
This I’ve known all along

Your heart next to mine is where it belongs
Beating beside mine, from dusk till the dawn
There’s no-one else I need look upon
There’s only you, conclusion foregone

When autumn winds tousle your hair
The autumn moon shining, so fair
In mist-steeped, scent-laden, autumnal air
There’s naught for you I would not forswear

Come, cling to me as the last leaves they fall
In the season you tell me you love most of all
As the leaves they cling to the trees they adore
Grant me your smiles, your kisses and more

Last leaf dangling from tallest tree branch
There’s truly no need for alarm
Be true, stand firm and hold your ground
What’s yours will fall right into your arms

Ply me with kisses, woo me with songs
Right here beside you is where I belong
Like swans that fly in to land from afar
I have traveled far to be where you are

As pairs perform their dance and call
As your scent upon the breeze holds me in thrall
Each memory we make, each one I’ll recall
One glance from you and I fall!